The Adventures of a Mom and Her Daughter

The Adventures of a Mom and Her Daughter

Family photo session 2017

PDF&PrintI love getting annual photos with Abby. It’s a great way to see how much Abby has grown and changed. I, of course, continue to stay my young and beautiful self 😉 In the past, my good friend, Suzanne, has been able to take our photos. This year however, she... read more

And she danced…

PDF&Print  This past weekend, Abby had her Spring dance recital. She performed to Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and absolutely loved being on stage. She was lucky enough to have lots of family members come to watch her perform.   Abby has been in dance for two years now. She loves to dance, show... read more

My little Cubbie

PDF&PrintThis past year, Abby has been participating in a weekly Christian ministry called Awana. It is a global ministry focused on children’s faith education that has been around since the 40s. They have helped Abby to learn all about Jesus, the gospel and God’s love for us all. Reading bible... read more

Happy 4th Birthday Abby Rose!

PDF&PrintHow amazing that my little girl is four years old! I feel like I was just holding my tiny newborn who came home from the hospital in preemie clothes!   It has been such an adventure watching this sweet, spunky, happy, funny, and adventurous girl grow. We have so much... read more

Happy Holidays

PDF&PrintWow! What a busy 2017 Holiday season it has been. Abby and I have enjoyed so much time with family during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! It has flown by but it has been so full of laughs, smiles, and joy that all the chaos of the holiday season has been... read more

On The Run

PDF&Print     It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was nervously preparing to run my very first race. A 5k near the Columbia Gorge. Since then I have run a handful of 5ks, a 15k, and have been lucky enough to participate in the infamous Hood... read more


PDF&PrintLast month, Abby, Nana, and I went on a big trip to Disneyland. It was to celebrate Nana’s 60th birthday and we all had so much fun. We stayed in a great condo that was all decked out Disney-style, so even when we weren’t in Disneyland we were still surrounded... read more

Camping Season

PDF&Print  Two weeks ago, Abby and I went camping with Nana and some friends. I told Abby where we were going a couple days before and she would NOT stop asking me when we are leaving and reminding me that we have to go camping, just in case I forgot.... read more

Dancing Queen!

PDF&PrintSince March, Abby has been taking Creative Movement/Pre-ballet classes. She had a recital in June, followed by a Princess Ballerina camp in July. Abby has been loving her classes and walks around the house practicing her relevé and plié.     Abby was so excited for her dance recital and... read more

Family Photos

PDF&Print              Last month, Abby and I took our family photos at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. It was a beautiful day and we lucked out with some great photos. Many thanks go out to the talent Suzanne Alley for capturing the magic between a... read more