9 months!

What hasn’t Abby done this month?! My goodness, our growing girl has been very busy!

It started with her first word,“uh-oh”, during bath-time. She thoroughly enjoys dropping her bath toys onto the counter and enjoys it even more when Dad or Mom pick them up and put them back in the tub OVER and OVER again. On one of the many repeated toy drops, she looked down and said “uh-oh”! She only said “uh-oh” that one time, despite Matt and I modeling the phrase for her again and again. Nonetheless, that is Abby’s first word! Matt is pulling for her second word to be “Dada” and says it to her anytime he has the chance 🙂 Even though Abby hasn’t said any other real words yet, she is babbling and “talking” in her own language all the time. She is chattiest first thing in the morning and tells me all about her dreams while I change her diaper. Of course I would love to record her, but ever the observant one, she stops talking when I pull out my phone to record. Hopefully, I’ll have a video for next month’s post.

Speaking of bath time – this continues to be a favorite part of Abby’s daily routine. She practically leaps out of my arms to get into the tub at night. She has also become aware of the mirror and the baby in the mirror. I’m not sure if she knows that baby is her or if she thinks it is just another baby, but she thinks the mirror baby is very funny! She loves to show the mirror baby her bath toys as well.

Watch Abby play in the bathtub: 02 Bathtub (480p)

Abby has also developed her motor skills. At the beginning of the month, she had pulled herself up to a sitting position but by the end of the month had pulled herself up to standing! I’m sure standing and walking are right around the corner.

Watch Abby pull to stand: 01 Standing IMG_1089.MOV (480p)

Don’t worry, we will be baby-proofing the hearth ASAP!

Abby continues to grow in her social skill development and has begun to wave and clap her hands. Both are skills she seemingly mastered over night. It is amazing the skills she has picked up all on her own.

Ever the voracious eater, Abby continues to do well in that area. She has also mastered the “sippy cup” and can drink water by herself. We do not use a traditional sippy cup but prefer one that mimics drinking from an open cup (it’s orthodontic and speech therapist recommended). Initially Abby did not enjoy drinking water, but now she loves her cup and will tip her head back to get every last drop. Then of course she drops it on the floor for Mom or Dad to pick up 🙂


Lastly, Abby caught her first glimpse of snow. She wasn’t very impressed and was happier about playing by the warm fire instead.


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  1. Auntie Sue says:

    Bless you guys for the great videos. Sure brings a smile to both of us to watch her grow. She is such a happy girl, but with wonderful parents why wouldn’t she. Love the bath tub time.

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