A baby-free vacation!

Matt and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! It was just the two of us and we had an amazing time although we missed our girl like crazy! Did she miss us? NO! She was having a blast with Nana (my mom), who spoiled her all week. Nana had fun too. However she was glad to give up the middle of the night feedings! My mom reported that she felt like watching Abby took her back 29 years and that Abby is exactly how I was at that age.


This vacation was all about leaving our mommy/daddy “hats” at home and just enjoying time as husband and wife. Not only did we stay at a luxury all-inclusive resort, be we even got to travel in style! I flew first class for the first time and I got to watch a movie on my iPad while enjoying a mimosa. Yum! Matt and I spent more of our time relaxing by the pool (he has the burn marks to show it!); however, we did enjoy a couple of trips out of the hotel. One day we went into town for some souvenir shopping and whale-watching.

The whale watching was by far the most exciting part of our trip, although the 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and two hour brunches (without a baby dropping food on the floor or smashing it on her head) were a close second and third. We were able to see a mama and baby humpback whale swimming side by side and we also saw a male humpback whale breaching. He breached 10-12 times in a row which our guide explained was a rare and lucky sight for us to see. Whales often only breach a handful of times in a row.

Here are some videos of the whale watching:

Whales talking

Mama and baby whale

By day five we were ready to come home to our girl. The travel was long and we got home late, but when Abby woke up at 2:00, I was more than ready to see her!


All in all it was a wonderful trip!

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  1. Phyllis says:

    What a wonderful vacation, but Nana thinks her vacation with Abby was better than your vacation!

  2. Ashley says:

    Haha! We didn’t have to deal with 4:00 wake up calls or poopy diapers. I think we won the vacation lottery 😉

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