A growing toddler

Abby has been beyond busy growing and learning, and I have been trying for quite a while to get video evidence of her skills. Recently, with the help of my mom, I had some success. Abby loves to be recorded but insists on “helping” me record her when I try to do it. So unless I can sneak up on her, I’m not very successful at the whole video/recording process.

In my incredibly biased opinion, every new skill that Abby masters, impresses upon me that she must be a genius. There is absolutely no other explanation for it! Of course logically, I know that Abby is just like any other 20 month old, but that doesn’t make it feel any less amazing when she understands questions I ask her or uses a new word for the first time.

Abby continues to love reading. She has an Usborne Very First Words book that she absolutely loves! I must read it to her 100 times a week. It doesn’t have a story, just words. The other day, I was tired of reading the words so I started asking her where the items in the book were. She pointed to almost everything in the book correctly. I was in awe!

Usborne Very First Words


Here is a video of Abby pointing to pictures in her book:

Abby is also into making animal sounds. That is often how she identifies them as she is not yet naming them. Horses are “neigh”, dogs are “oo, oo”, cats are “meow”, and owls are “hoo”. She also does a great snort for a pig 🙂

Here is a video of Abby making some fun animal sounds:

Abby started taking gymnastics a couple of months ago. While I’m not sure if she will qualify for the 2028 Olympics yet, I am sure that she LOVES to somersault, swing, and jump! She doesn’t quite have the motor organization to jump with both feet in the air at the same time, but it sure is fun to watch her try. You can see that she is quite proud of herself.

Here is a video of Abby “jumping”.

What a smart, amazing girl she is!

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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    She’s a GENIOUS!

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