A holiday and a wedding


Well last weekend was the Fourth of July. To be honest, we didn’t do much because we were on the road headed to see Matt’s side of the family and to attend a wedding in Medford. It wasn’t Abby’s first road trip and I’m sure it won’t be her last, but as usual, she did fabulously.

This was Abby’s first wedding and she had a fancy outfit all ready to wear for the ceremony. She didn’t want to upstage the bride, but she was looking pretty cute! Unfortunately, minutes before the bride was about to walk down the aisle, Abby thought it would be the perfect time to fill her diaper. Poop oozed out the side of the diaper, on to the dress, and on to me. I hollered at Matt and went running into our aunt and uncle’s fifth wheel before poop got anywhere else. Abby loves to move around while getting her diaper changed which inevitably leads to poop on feet and hands if you aren’t careful. We managed to change her diaper and outfit, clean my outfit, and make it back in time to watch the ceremony. Whew!

While we were staying in the hotel, we decided to see how Abby would like swimming. She got in the pool with Matt and as long as she wasn’t too far from her Daddy, she was okay. Abby only lasted about ten minutes and Matt noted the water was a little cold. Apparently our little princess would prefer her pool to be at bath water temps 🙂

Abby’s first swim (Here is the video link to see Abby swimming)

All in all the Miller family had a blast!

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  1. Sue says:

    We had a fabulous time with everyone and especially with our great niece. “Can’t you tell her great uncle would love to spoil her for you.”

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