A quarter of a year


Well already my little princess is three months old! This has been a busy month for Abby’s development! She has begun to roll over without assistance. She still complains about it but she is getting better and better at it. She also is beginning to enjoy tummy time more and can lift her head for longer periods of time.

Because her head control has gotten so good, Abby can now sit in her Bumbo chair. At first she only wanted to sit in it for a minute or two, but now she sits in her Bumbo for 5 or 10 minutes before getting too tired. She likes to sit in her Bumbo while Mommy and Daddy have their breakfast.

Abby is now able to face forward in her infant carrier and that makes going on walks much more enjoyable for her. She loves to look around at all the trees and nature. Because Matt is so tall, she has a great view of everything. She particularly likes to watch Selby chase after the ducks!

Abby has also begun to “talk”. She loves to coo and goo, especially right before bedtime. It is so fun to have “conversations” with her 🙂

Abby is now over 10 lbs. Welcome to double digits little one! She no longer fits in newborn clothes and is quickly getting too tall for some three month clothes.

Since Abby has been sleeping through the night so well, we decided to move her into her room to sleep. She started sleeping in her crib this past week. I’m pretty sure it was only hard on mom and dad who checked on her multiple times throughout the night 🙂  Don’t worry…the cat doesn’t sleep with her!

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, Abby was baptized this month! It was a beautiful ceremony and a joyous celebration. Check out my last blog to read all about it.

It will be so great to see what the next month brings in her development.

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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    It is good to see her growing so fast. Pretty soon, she will be bigger than that kitty!

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