Abby’s toddler adventures








Abby is a year and a half old, and everyday she shows me just how smart she is.

Here is some of what Abby has been learning and doing these past few months:

Abby currently uses these signs:

  1. Bird: She was initially doing this sign backwards but turned it around all on her own
  2. More
  3. All done
  4. Please
  5. Thank you
  6. Shoe: The other day Abby lost her shoe in the car when I was pulling her out of her carseat. I didn’t notice and thought she was just talking when she said “uh-oh”. I continued to walk away from the car when she started signing “shoe”. I looked down and sure enough, she had lost her shoe! Genius 😉
  7. Milk
  8. Want
  9. Drink
  10. Water
  11. Eat
  12. Help
  13. Sleep
  14. Where

Abby has just started to babble all the time, talking in gibberish about everything that is interesting to her. There are some words that she uses consistently including:

  1. Uh-oh
  2. Yeah
  3. Up
  4. Out
  5. “na” for snack
  6. “mo” for more
  7. “da” for down
  8. Woof-woof
  9. Mow for meow
  10. “ba” for balloon
  11. “buh” for bubble
  12. Wow

Of course I’m not always prompting her to use her words and signs. She really does use them on her own 🙂


Abby loves to help me with chores. Of course sometimes she is less than helpful (like when she insists on putting the clean clothes, back in the dirty laundry hamper), but I still appreciate her assistance. She is getting better at putting books and toys away. She loves to throw garbage away and close doors. She knows that when we go outside, we put the dog bowl on the table (so a certain toddler doesn’t get into it) and she tries to pick the bowl up herself. Every night while she is outside playing, I water the plants in our yard and she now helps me by carrying the hose behind me. It is impossible not to smile when she does stuff like that!


Abby climbs up and down the stairs all by herself now, although she does still ask for help from time to time. She is now trying to carry items up and down the stairs while walking which is quite a challenge but she won’t let it slow her down!


Abby loves reading and playing outside; she would spend all day outside if she could. She is so observant and picks up so many new actions and ideas every day.


I love watching Abby learn new things. The best part is knowing that I play a part in teaching her some of these new skills. I’m a very proud mama!

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