And she danced…


This past weekend, Abby had her Spring dance recital. She performed to Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and absolutely loved being on stage. She was lucky enough to have lots of family members come to watch her perform.


Abby has been in dance for two years now. She loves to dance, show off her moves, and get out on stage. I can’t believe how much she has changed since her last recital!

Abby takes lessons at the studio where Nana works and Nana absolutely loves showing off her granddaughter. The studio owner, Sara, use to be my dance coach and it makes her feel so old knowing she trained me in dance and now leads the studio that trains my daughter!

Last dance class with Miss Ashley


Here is a video of Abby’s dance performance! This was taken during rehearsal as we were not allowed to video during the recital. She is the one on the left with the short hair. She is very focused on finding her mark on the floor!

3 Comments to “And she danced…”

  1. Lori Anderson says:

    She always seems so tall to me until I see her in her dance class! Ha, I guess that’s the Winike in her!

  2. Judy Daniels says:

    Adorable Abby!!
    Front and center and right on her mark!!
    Abby is so friendly, it was great to see her at the airport to welcome CREE. We all got hugs too.

  3. Shirley Miller says:

    She gets cuter by the day…❤️ And SO talented…💃

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