Arizona trip #2


Seven months later and Abby is visiting her Grandma and Papa again in sunny Arizona! This trip was much more enjoyable weather wise because it wasn’t a scorching 100 degrees but a nice and breezy 80 degrees.

For me, there were new challenges in that I had to travel alone with Abby but we planned the trip well and Abby was a trooper. On both flights, Abby took an hour nap on each flight which was great. I got to enjoy my coffee and my iPad while Abby snoozed away. A two hour nap would have been better but I could never get THAT lucky ;). The second flight was even better because Abby got her very own seat. Of course that didn’t mean she sat still in her seat but it was nice to spread out with her toys and not worry about irritating the person next to me. Because Abby is so stinkin’ adorable, there were no issues with the people around me in the airport or on the plane. I had multiple people offer to help me with my stroller or my bags. It was very nice.


Spending time with Grandma and Papa was so much fun for Abby. They had a bin of toys for her to play with and Abby loved sitting out on the patio with them and enjoying the sunshine and beautiful view. It’s a rough life living in Tucson 🙂


On our last night there, some good friends of Grandma and Papa Miller hosted an early birthday party for Abby. There was good food, good company, and CUPCAKES! Everyone enjoyed the birthday cupcakes; everyone but Abby that is. She wanted nothing to do with the birthday treat. Not to worry. Abram, a two year old party goer, helped Abby out by eating the frosting off the cupcake for her. What a sweetie!

As usual, the trip went by too fast but we hope to return in November for a week long trip over Thanksgiving break.


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  1. Phyllis says:

    Live the photos, especially daddy smooching with Abby

  2. Ashley says:

    He sure does love his Abby girl!

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