Currently Abby is sleeping in her Moby wrap on my chest, so I thought this would be the perfect time to write a blog I had intended to write before she arrived.

My sleeping angel

During my pregnancy I worked on a special blanket for my baby as did my mother-in-law. I also received a variety of blankets at my shower, and while at the time, I thought I would never use all of the blankets, I now realize how invaluable they are! We have blankets in every room for nearly every situation 🙂

My mother-in-law created a blanket out of some family clothing. This included my wedding rehearsal dress, Matt’s shirt for our wedding rehearsal, my mom’s wedding dress, a shirt my mom embroidered for my dad in the 70s, a shirt my grandmother use to wear, and a t-shirt from Abby’s aunt Alicia. The shirts were cut up to create squares on a blanket just big enough to cover a baby while she sleeps.

My blanket was a simple cotton blanket with minky binding that fit our jungle-themed nursery. I kept the blanket gender neutral but decided that if I had a girl, I would add pink to the blanket later on. For Abby, I am going to sew pink bows onto the animal’s heads to make it extra girly. It already makes a great blanket for Abby to snuggle in while I rock her to sleep.

Lastly is a blanket from my childhood. It was my cousin Lindsay’s blanket that eventually became mine. Once I no longer used it for sleeping, I used it for play. Many a tea party was had with my dolls on that blanket. I’m excited that Abby to can use this blanket for floor time as a baby and then for pretend play when she is older. It is already a very fitting blanket, as she most definitely is a Daddy’s girl.


Update: Here is the girly version of the blanket I made for Abby. All the animals have little bows in their hair now 🙂

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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    That picture is ADORABLE! That is a great idea to put pink bows on the animals heads! I remember that blanket that you both used to have, that is so cool that Abby will be able to use it now!

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