Camping Season



Two weeks ago, Abby and I went camping with Nana and some friends. I told Abby where we were going a couple days before and she would NOT stop asking me when we are leaving and reminding me that we have to go camping, just in case I forgot. I must have heard “Guess what we gotfor (forgot)? We gotfor to go camping!”


Just to be clear, this wasn’t exactly legitimate camping. My mom is not known for her rough and wild ways, so we stayed in a heated cabin with a shower, kitchen, and an outdoor BBQ and fire-pit. It was pretty fancy!

The first day of the trip was off to a wild start with an appearance of a bat in our cabin. The poor bat was surely more scared of us than we were of it but with all the screaming and flapping of arms to get the bat out of the cabin, it was an adventure that Abby has yet to forget. Everyday, at least once a day, she brings up the situation of the bat in the cabin!

Aside from the bat, there was swimming, a scavenger hunt, and of course s’mores! Abby had so much fun and can’t wait to camp again. Hopefully we will have better luck convincing Nana to rough it in a tent next time!


3 Comments to “Camping Season”

  1. Phyllis says:

    What do you mean? I WAS roughing it.

  2. Lori Anderson says:

    Anytime the story includes a bat, that is officially roughing it!

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