Dancing Queen!

Since March, Abby has been taking Creative Movement/Pre-ballet classes. She had a recital in June, followed by a Princess Ballerina camp in July. Abby has been loving her classes and walks around the house practicing her relevé and plié.




Abby was so excited for her dance recital and I had the privilege of being a room mom and helping Abby and her classmates backstage. It reminded me of the days when my mom was a room mom for me during my dance competitions. 


Abby’s Dad, Nana, and Grammie came down to Salem to see her recital and she was so excited to perform for them!


Here is a video of Abby’s dance performance. She loves to watch herself!

Abby loved Princess Ballerina dance camp and is looking forward to more creative movement classes this fall!


2 Comments to “Dancing Queen!”

  1. Phyllis says:

    I love the precision Abby uses to find her place on stage!

  2. Lori Anderson says:

    One day she will use that performance in her audition tape for the Rockettes!

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