Five months old


Last week Abby turned five months old!

Her biggest milestone this month was rolling over! She had been thinking about it for a while, turning all the way to her side from her back but she couldn’t get that last bit of momentum to get all the way over to her tummy. And then one day it happened! She was lying on her mat playing on her back while Matt, Shirley (Matt’s mom), and I talked. One minute she was on her back and the next she was upright looking at us. Of course, I freaked out and rolled her back over to make her do it again. Her expression was priceless because she seemed so surprised to be looking at everything upright. She went on to roll over three more times before getting irritated. Both Sarah and my mother-in-law claimed to have seen her roll over before that moment, but I reminded them that it doesn’t count until Mommy and Daddy see it for the first time 🙂

Click here to see a video of Abby rolling over:  abbyrollover

The only problem with rolling to be upright is not knowing what to do next. Now Abby scoots or squirms as if to crawl, but since she can’t do that yet and since she doesn’t seem to remember that she can roll back over to her back, she just gets irritated and frustrated, and squawks until someone comes to rescue her.

Abby has also started to babble. I’ve heard her use the consonant sounds “b” and “m”. Now the logical speech therapist in me knows that what I hear is just babble, but the mommy in me gets really excited every time she “says” mama.

As Abby gets older, there are certain things that she has stopped doing as well. I can’t believe she is already old enough to have outgrown certain skills. She no longer sighs after she sneezes and she no longer smiles in her sleep. She also no longer closes her eyes and goes to sleep right away while I am rocking her. No, now there is WAY too much to look at. She turns her head from side to side and tries to arch back so she can look out the window. She is just so worried that she will miss something! I remind her every night to sleep while she can because when she becomes a mommy, she can kiss sleep goodbye!


6 Comments to “Five months old”

  1. SuSuee says:

    That video is totally wonderful and for us to get a chance to see her do that is fantastic. Thank you for this blog.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Hmmm, I’m very sure I heard her say “Nana”.

  3. Judy Daniels says:

    Great rolling over video is so cute I can hear her Effort!!
    Also it is amazing that she is sitting in that rocking chair.
    Rock Star <3

  4. Lori says:

    Sorry Ash, you and your mom are BOTH wrong, she is saying Lori!

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