Go Team!!!

It’s October and we are in the heart of football season (trust me, it is on the TV in our house MONDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY).

Matt has daddy/daughter bonding time with Abby and explains the game and the players to her. She in turn expresses her opinion by trying to eat the remote or crawling to her toys.

Matt and I have a mixed history when it comes to sports fandom.

I come from a family of Ducks


but married into a family of Beavers.


And, I got my masters degree at UW so technically, I’m a Husky.


Pack 12 can be very confusing for me

Matt and I both attended Pacific University, so Abby for sure is a Boxer fan.


Abby has parents with very strong opinions and she has already shown the talent for owning an opinion or two of her own, so I have no doubt when the time comes, she’ll let us know which team she likes best 😉

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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    At least she will not be doomed to be a Chicago sports fan like her Nana’s family was! If she ever expresses ANY interest in Chicago sports, hit her with a slipper and make her write 200 times “I will not watch Chicago sports” on her etch a sketch!

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