Goodbye summer; Hello fall








Over Labor Day Weekend, Abby and I went to Newport with Nana to say goodbye to summer vacation and hello to fall. We had beautiful beach weather; Abby had her first visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium where she got to see an octopus, sea anemones, sharks, and seals. She couldn’t stop talking about ALL THE BIG FISH! We had our first movie night and Abby loved eating popcorn and watching Ice Age.

Abby is now 2 ½ and growing so much! After some entertaining acrobatics, it became clear that Abby is now ready for a big girl bed. I took the front side off the crib and all Abby cared about was whether or not she could still flip into her bed 🙂


She is 26 lbs and 35 ½ inches. She is still a little peanut compared to her cousins but you wouldn’t know it from watching her eat. She can eat an adult size portion of pasta and still ask for dessert and a snack before bed.

We are also starting to work on potty training. Abby knows when she is wet and asks to be changed. We practice sitting on the potty and she has even used the potty a couple of times. I definitely think we are on our way to saying goodbye to diapers.

Abby continues to be an absolute joy and a total ham. She has so much to tell me and talks all the time. She often asks “Can I do that?”, generally while doing it, before waiting for an answer. She often corrects me after I have corrected her which is always entertaining. So if she says “It’s pretty rainy outside” and I say “no, it’s sunny” (because it is), she easily puts me in my place and says “No, it’s pretty rainy”. As usual, I stand corrected. She is incredibly observant as well. Just the other morning she said “It’s dusty outside” because she didn’t have the word for foggy. What a smart cookie!

3 Comments to “Goodbye summer; Hello fall”

  1. Lori Anderson says:

    Now that she is a big girl, she is ready for gymnastics class! She will love that!

  2. Tom Winike says:

    Sharks ? .. Octopus ? ? . . . Abby is a brave young explorer ! I would be hiding behind some chairs; especially when Mr Shark decides it’s dinner time.

  3. Holly Hicks says:

    Tell Abbyllious that aunt Holly doesn’t like “dusty or rainy” outside days! She is so precious to me, just like her mommy is.

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