Guess who’s expecting!

Here is the main reason I wanted to start this blog. In March, I will become a Mommy for the first time and am so excited to share all that is happening throughout my pregnancy. I have family and friends throughout the country, so my hope is that they can follow this blog and experience the pregnancy with my husband and I as if they were here. I have shared a few pictures and comments on Facebook but this blog will allow me to post more pictures and provide more information to those interested. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant. We are not finding out the gender until the baby is born. Some of my friends can’t comprehend that fact, but my husband and I are so excited for the surprise! The most exciting thing that happened this past week was that I felt the baby move for the first time! I was driving home, in the pouring down rain, from dinner with friends and witnessed a car accident. It was scary and stressful and I just wanted to get home. That was the moment that I felt the baby poke me near the ribs. It was as if the baby was letting me know that he/she was okay and that I didn’t need to be stressed. What an amazing feeling!


Here is a picture of what baby and I look like right now.




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