Half a year








Wow…Abigail Rose Miller is six months old! Wasn’t she just born??? I can’t believe all that my little girl has accomplished this month. She is now sitting independently without support (for a few seconds!)


and is thinking about crawling! She loves to get up on her knees and rock back and forth.


She’s not sure what comes after that but I’m sure within the next month or two, she will be on the move! It’s time for Matt and I to baby proof the house. Currently her favorite mode of transportation is scooting backwards.


Matt and I have also started introducing Abby to some solid foods. We are going the route of a method called baby-led weaning. This method encourages skipping purees and moving straight to solid foods while often starting with stick shaped foods that the baby can hold onto and gum. Just like any baby starting to eat, Abby isn’t really “eating” yet. Food gets in her mouth, around her mouth, on her clothes, in her hair, and on her tray; but in reality less than 1% is actually swallowed 🙂 We are working on that, but are in no hurry because breast milk is her best source of nutrition and will be for a few months more. It has been so neat to see Abby develop an interest in what Matt and I eat. Now when we sit down to dinner, we give Abby a little bit of our food and she plays with it and tries to eat some of it. In true Miller fashion, she lets you know if she wants something! Last week at Red Robin, I took a fry from her hand that I thought she was done with. This resulted in screaming and crying…yikes!


Click on the link below to see a video of Abby trying her first foods 🙂

Abby Eating

Abby is finally big enough to sit in her stroller facing forward (well sort of). She is still ridiculously small compared to the stroller, but she no longer needs to use the carseat and I think she really enjoys looking around while we are out and about. Taking in all the sights is exhausting though and inevitably Abby falls asleep. Luckily, I can recline her so she doesn’t get a cramp in her neck from sleeping sitting up.


Over Labor Day Weekend, Abby had her first trip to the zoo! She enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially the elephants! We were there three hours and she actually stayed awake for most of it. She took a two hour nap when we got home, but that was okay with Mommy and Daddy because the zoo is exhausting for grown ups too!


This picture has nothing to do with Abby’s milestones but is so cute, I had to add it to the blog. I call this “the construction next to our house is annoying” sleep pose.



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  1. Phyllis says:

    It’s amazing watching her develop and grow. Time is flying by!

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