Happy 4th Birthday Abby Rose!


How amazing that my little girl is four years old! I feel like I was just holding my tiny newborn who came home from the hospital in preemie clothes!


It has been such an adventure watching this sweet, spunky, happy, funny, and adventurous girl grow. We have so much fun together and I am beyond blessed to be her mother!


For Abby’s birthday she spent practically the whole week celebrating! Abby had a special snack time with her preschool friends followed by a celebration with her favorite dinner and birthday cake. She rounded out her weekend celebration with a princess party with her friends and family. What a great way to ring in turning four!

Abby had so many cousins and friends at her princess party. Princesses Ava, Sydney, Maddie, and Arlington made a special appearance 😉

Abby grows and changes each day; I can barely keep track of all that she is learning and doing. She knows almost of her letters, can spell and write her name, is trying to tell time and do math, and is killing it on her new scooter and bike! Here is a birthday interview with Abigail Rose and her favorite things.

3 Comments to “Happy 4th Birthday Abby Rose!”

  1. Lori Anderson says:

    That is my girl! I am so happy to hear that Nana has not corrupted her against watermelon! My girl and I are going to eat ‘LOTS of watermelon this summer, hopefully in front of Nana!

  2. Judy Daniels says:

    I love the interview with Abby!! She is so articulate. She will
    be a very cute Cheetah. We hope you have a good Spring break and that it STOPS RAINING so little Abby can play.
    Wish we could see you more often, we are sorry we could not make it to her Princess Party. Love Judy and Poppy 🙂

  3. acmiller says:

    Editor’s note: The answers to this interview have changed multiple times since this interview so it will be interesting to see what next year’s answers bring. As of today, her favorite colors are pink and blue, her favorite toy is her stuffed bunny, and her favorite place to go it Disneyland. 🙂

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