Happy Birthday!

Abby is officially one year old! She is now considered to be a toddler, although, let’s be honest, I will consider her my BABY until the day I die. Unfortunately, prior to her party, Abby had been sick with a bladder infection for the past few weeks and was not been her happy, outgoing self. She wasn’t in the best mood for her birthday celebration, but she participated well, and overall she seemed to have a good time 🙂 We had tons of family and friends there to partake her special day. We ordered a birthday cake, as well as her very own smash cake, that Abby could enjoy all on her own.

Abby wasn’t too keen on tasting the cake at first, but her daddy but her hand right in the frosting and then she decided it wasn’t so bad.

Everyone was so kind and gave Abby a variety of presents, which she really seemed to enjoy.

Now Matt and I have to prepare for her next step in development…walking and talking! Yikes! I’m not sure we’re ready for the adventures that this year will bring 🙂


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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    It was a great day at the Millers, even though the birthday girl was not feeling like herself!

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