Just keep swimming…









Well, you don’t have to tell Abby twice! Abby has been enjoying swim lessons a lot these days. She’s been lucky enough to attend lessons with both Mommy and Daddy.


Here is a video of Abby “jumping” into the pool:

Here is a video of Abby swimming with Daddy:

But it is not just the pool that our little one loves. With all this warm weather, she has been playing in fountains at the local parks here in Salem, as well as splashing around in the water table in her backyard.



She’s getting to be quite the water baby.


2 Comments to “Just keep swimming…”

  1. Molly says:

    So fun! She’s going to have a blast in Tahoe!!

  2. Shirley Miller says:

    You know I have the cutest grand baby of all! I so love the photos you post and videos of my girlfriend 🙂 she makes her Grandma smile.

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