Keep calm and play in the sand








What a busy month July has been!

After celebrating Independence Day, Matt, Abby and I traveled to Lake Tahoe to see our good friends, Molly and Grant Meyer, and their daughter, Charlotte. It was a short trip (only three days), but we had so much fun enjoying the lake, the pool, and the thunderstorms. We expected more sunshine, but being Oregonians, we just had to bring the rainy weather with us 😉 As a result, it was colder and wetter than we thought our trip would be, but we still made the best of it. Charlotte and Abby had a blast together and taught each other lots of new skills (both good and bad). Charlotte taught Abby the word “more” and Abby taught Charlotte that dogs are called “woof-woof”. She also taught Charlotte how to drop food on the floor and how to climb on furniture. It was certainly a proud parenting moment for Matt and me 🙂

Less than two days after we returned from Lake Tahoe, we were off again to enjoy a camping trip in Eastern Oregon with some good friends from the Bend area. We were lucky enough to have Matt’s dad, Walt, surprise us with a visit and be able to join us while camping. Abby hadn’t seen her Papa in a while and she really enjoyed being with him. This was Abby’s first camping trip, and our first time renting a camper! It was a very long and bumpy drive and the sleeping arrangements were less than ideal; but the food was good, the weather was great, and the company was fabulous. All in all, it was a good time! I look forward to more camping trips as a family in the future. Maybe someday we will even buy a camper of our own (maybe…).


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  1. Phyllis says:

    You had one of those baby-jail’s and you hated it!

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