Mother’s Day and a baptism


What a whirlwind these past two weekends have been! I celebrated my first Mother’s Day and had Abigail baptized. Both were wonderful celebrations with family.

For Mother’s Day, it was a weekend long celebration. On Saturyday we went to Cannon Beach. It was a beautiful day and the beach was crowded with families, but it was a really fun day. It was Matt’s first trip to Cannon Beach and Abby’s first trip to the beach ever. Of course she slept through most of it but it was still exciting for her dad and me. I had my first trip to the beach when I was 8 weeks old so it was exciting to have Abby see the beach for the first time at a similar age. While we were at the beach, Matt attempted to take me to a nice restaurant for lunch. Abby apparently did not like this idea and as a result had a total blowout in her diaper requiring a complete wardrobe change. Apparently this happened to a friend the next day who took her son to the beach. Must be something in the ocean air 🙂 Abby and Matt also got me a beautiful necklace with a diamond “A” pendant. It is truly beautiful!

This past weekend was Abby’s baptism at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Abby wore a family gown that has been worn by five different generations on the Zeck side of the family. It was first worn by Abby’s great great grandma Alma in 1895. It is a beautiful gown and I am so happy that it is still in the kind of condition that it can be worn by future generations. Maybe Abby’s daughter will get to wear it one day. Abby’s baptism was a very important right of passage for me. I know Jesus watches over her always, but was glad to have her welcomed into the house of God in such a special ceremony. For being so tiny, she handled the ceremony like a champ and did not cry or fuss when being blessed with the holy water and oil. Abby’s godparents are my aunt Judy and my uncle Rob (aka Poppy). Poppy is my godfather also and I know he and Judy will be wonderful spiritual guides for Abby in the years to come.

Afterwards, family and friends joined us for a reception at our house where cake was had and gifts were given. It was so nice to be surrounded by so many loved ones on this special day.

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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    So happy to see ALL of those family members who were there to share in Abby’s big day! Sorry Tim and I could not be there too!
    Hopefully, we will be there for her confirmation!

  2. acmiller says:

    We missed you Lori! I’m just glad that Tim is doing well. Hopefully, we will get to see you soon!

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