Movin’ on up!


Surprise! Matt, Abby, and I (plus Selby and Sissy) will be moving to Salem in November! Matt has accepted a position at Salem Hospital and we are so excited for this new change ahead. Although Matt and I have only been together three years, we have lived in four different homes. We have gone from my one bedroom apartment he moved into when we first met, to a five bedroom dream home. We’ve lived in Portland, Clackamas, Vancouver, and now Salem. Phew! I’m ready to settle down and stay for awhile!

Here is the progress of change our homes have made:

Here is some pictures of our new home!

We hope to host many parties and dinners there. Hopefully you’ll join us!

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  1. Phyllis says:

    So excited for the Millers. You and Matt make a great team!

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