My little Cubbie


This past year, Abby has been participating in a weekly Christian ministry called Awana. It is a global ministry focused on children’s faith education that has been around since the 40s. They have helped Abby to learn all about Jesus, the gospel and God’s love for us all. Reading bible passages with Abby and helping her to memorize scripture every week has been so much fun and led to growth for us both in our knowledge of God. Abby’s age group is called the Cubbies and they have a little bear cub named Cubbie to help them learn the lessons of the bible. Last week she had a year end celebration with all of her Cubbie friends. She received a certificate of achievement and earned badges for her vest. She’s so proud of all that she has learned and is excited for next year’s program to start!



Here are some videos of Abby singing songs she learned in her Cubbies program. She’s not the most enthusiastic performer; I think she was too focused on her audience 🙂


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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    Love that little angel!

  2. Lori Anderson says:

    Song, what song?

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