Not quite a crawler, but certainly a mover!


Abby is so close to crawling she can taste it. Her current mode of transportation is what I like to call the “seal flop”. She lifts her body up with her arms and pushes herself forward to flop back down. She can also lift herself up into the perfect crawl position but does not yet propel herself forward. She is very excited about her new found movement however and seems to have no problem with the seal flop. There is SO much to explore! She particularly loves to chase Sissy, who is less than pleased with Abby’s developing motor skills. I’m pretty sure she will go into hiding once Abby is running.


Click her to see a video of Abby doing her “seal flop”: Abby Oct 2013

Abby is also sitting independently, although she still relies on Mom and Dad to get into that pose. If left to her own devices, she would lay down so she could roll around and find things on the floor to pick up. It is fun when she sits with us though, because it seems that she realizes how much more she can do with her toys!
She is finally big enough to sit in her exersaucer without a blanket or pillow and reach the toys attached. Mommy has come up with a great method of attaching all the toys to rings so that when Abby drops them, they don’t fall to the ground. Abby seems to have realized this and just the other day,  she looked over the side of the exersaucer after she dropped a toy, to see where it went and if it had fallen on the ground. Every new development is so amazing to me. I can’t believe all that my little girl can do.

Click here to see a video of Abby playing in her exersaucer: Abby 2 Oct 2013

Stay tuned next month to see if she catches the kitty!

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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    She sure does like to get around, she will probably be a dancer like her Mama!

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