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Well this blog post was finished a little later than I would have liked, but we have been dealing with a few sleep and poop related issues in the Miller household. Poor Abby has been dealing with some serious constipation and being the Mommybear that I am, I find myself on a constant quest to try and help her. It is so sad to hold your baby while her body goes rigid and she cries from the effort of pooping. And this is such a new development for her that I’m at a loss at what could be causing it. She eats so many good foods and still drinks breast milk so it really shouldn’t be an issue. Her doctor thinks it is purely developmental and will pass soon, but that doesn’t make it any easier to go through with her. Partly because of her tummy troubles and partly she has developed so many new skills, her sleep has been somewhat wonky as well. Some days she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming because her tummy hurts and then other nights she wakes up and wants to crawl around and pull herself up on furniture. She can’t be bothered to sleep through the night no matter how much I try to reason with her ;).

IMG_0250Abby is now ten months old and is a master crawler! She moves faster than I can catch her sometimes! Particularly when it is time for a diaper change or when the dog water is unsupervised. She LOVES climbing up the stairs and cries if we try to carry her instead.  She is still working on coming down the stairs however.

She has also started pulling herself up into a standing position. When she first started this new trick, she would get stuck standing and cry until someone helped her back into a sitting position, but she has since figured that out and now she LOVES pulling herself up in the furniture. IMG_0247

During this past month, we celebrated Christmas, and of course, Abby received a variety of new and exciting toys. Well, at least I thought they were exciting. Matt and I have since learned that Tupperware in the kitchen is MUCH more exciting. Santa should have just brought some of that for under the tree.

Abby has started to dance when her toys sing to her, which is so adorable. Her dance moves aren’t quite at the professional level yet, but she definitely has some rhythm!

IMG_1215Word #2 was added to her vocabulary around Christmas time during Facetime with Auntie Alicia. Her aunt was saying “Hi” to her repeatedly and after some silence Abby said “Hi” back. We all cheered for her and she was quite proud of herself, but did not feel the need to repeat the word. She has also started to say “Dada” on a regular basis which makes Matt so happy and proud.

Lastly, Matt and I want Abby to learn the importance of hard work early on in life. That is why we have started a chore list for her so she can earn her keep. We didn’t want to overload her, so right now we’ve just asked her to put away the groceries and fold the laundry

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