Outstanding October








October has come and gone and it has been a busy month of Halloween related experiences and adventures for Abby. This was the first year we went trick or treating and she got to go twice! Once in the middle of the day at the local children’s museum and then again in the evening with our wonderful neighbors. She stayed up way past her bedtime but she had a blast so it was worth it. She loved running to the neighbors’ houses and ringing the doorbell. She kept wanting to go in their houses though! Abby and I (along with Nana!) also enjoyed making Halloween cookies, putting faces on pumpkins and finger painting! She wasn’t too sure about the finger paint at first, because it was wet and sticky but soon enough she was painting all over the place! Thank goodness it was washable paint. Her Daddy and I were lucky enough to be able to take her art to work with us. We may have a future Picasso on our hands 😉

Halloween Party

2nd annual Halloween party! Last year, none of the babies could even sit up for pictures.

Fall Festival

Enjoying fall events with my girl! We went through a maze, looked at pumpkins and rode a train!

Halloween Crafts

Enjoying some Halloween crafts like making cookies and finger painting!

Trick or Treating

Abby’s first time trick or treating! She was one happy little butterfly.


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  1. Shirley Miller says:

    Papa and Grandma from Tucson certainly enjoyed our October time with Abby. Seeing her in Salem, then when she, (had to bring Mom and Dad) to Bend for some time with old friends and family for a few days. The weather was gorgeous and she enjoyed feeding the ducks/geese on the river of the house we stayed in. Grandma espically enjoyed our fall walks and examining every leaf we found on the street. First time on this visit she said “Papa”. Papa was thrilled! What a treat to see old things thru new eyes…she brings joy to our lives. Papa and Grandma LOVE YOU!

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