The Adventures of a Mom and Her Daughter

The Adventures of a Mom and Her Daughter

Spring Break 2016

              Spring break for Abby was a fun-filled week of playing with dolls, enjoying sunny weather, having tea parties with cousins and seeing a movie in the theater! Her week long break was capped off by a trip to Arizona to see Grammie and... read more

A Year in Review

This time next week, my sweet little girl will officially be three! I can not believe how fast she is growing and changing. Over the past year, Abby has enjoyed tumbling, playing with dolls, cooking, taking care of her pets, and all things Paw Patrol. Abby also said her first... read more

A Pizza Party

It is common knowledge that some of Abby’s favorite foods are pizza and pasta. Her Italian heritage is very strong! I enjoy cooking, and Abby has a developed a love for preparing meals as well. Recently, Abby and I cooked a pizza from scratch and she had so much fun... read more

Bye Bye B.

  Ever since Abby was a little tiny baby she has loved her pacifier. As she got older, I tried to change the name of her pacifier from “paci” to “B” in the hopes of being able to talk about it without her noticing. Ha! Silly Mommy! That lasted about... read more

Happy Halloween!

              In the blink of an eye, November is here! The holidays are right around the corner, but before Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive, Abby and I had a lot of fun Fall stuff to do! We enjoyed some local pumpkin patches and apple orchards... read more

Goodbye summer; Hello fall

              Over Labor Day Weekend, Abby and I went to Newport with Nana to say goodbye to summer vacation and hello to fall. We had beautiful beach weather; Abby had her first visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium where she got to see an... read more

Summer days

              What a summer it has been! While Abby and I were able to have some down time to relax, we also did lots and lots of fun stuff to make our summer break entertaining and enjoyable. Summer break began for us after our... read more

What’s up with Abby these days?

Abby and I have had an incredibly busy past few months, so I’ve fallen behind in my blog posts, but now that summer is here, I expect to be sharing many photos and stories about our summer adventures. Abby is 26 months now and in full toddler mode! Some of... read more

Spring Break and Easter with a two year old

              These past two weeks have been a flurry of fun adventures for Abby involving visits with grandparents, trips to museums and celebration of the resurrection of Christ. We started our Spring Break visiting Nana for a few days and got to play at... read more

Abby turns two!

Well, my girl is two years old! What a joy my life has been since March 7th, 2013. I thank God for my little girl every day. She is full of sass and attitude, but is also sweet and loving. Her snuggles, hugs, and kisses make my day. I love... read more