The Adventures of a Mom and Her Daughter

The Adventures of a Mom and Her Daughter

The goings on of a 22 month old

PDF&PrintWhat is my almost two year old up to? Prepping for preschool apparently! Abby now knows the colors blue and orange and is working on red and purple. She is also starting to count to two. This is very important since she has a birthday coming up where I’m sure... read more

Merry Christmas!

PDF&PrintThe Millers had a wonderful Christmas, with Abby in particular enjoying herself 🙂 After enjoying the children’s version of midnight mass (4:00), we had a nice dinner out before settling in for a relaxing evening. Abby absolutely loved her church dress. She twirled and danced all around the living room!... read more

A growing toddler

PDF&PrintAbby has been beyond busy growing and learning, and I have been trying for quite a while to get video evidence of her skills. Recently, with the help of my mom, I had some success. Abby loves to be recorded but insists on “helping” me record her when I try... read more

1st haircut

PDF&Print   Just a few weeks ago, I was asking some friends when was the appropriate time to for a little girl to have her first haircut. Abby doesn’t have a lot of hair, but what little she does have, was growing out of control. Her style was something akin... read more

Outstanding October

PDF&Print              October has come and gone and it has been a busy month of Halloween related experiences and adventures for Abby. This was the first year we went trick or treating and she got to go twice! Once in the middle of the day... read more

Abby’s toddler adventures

PDF&PrintAbby is a year and a half old, and everyday she shows me just how smart she is.  Here is some of what Abby has been learning and doing these past few months.  Abby currently uses these signs: Bird, More, All done, Please, Thank you, Shoe, Milk, Want, Drink, Water, Eat,... read more

Keep calm and play in the sand

PDF&Print              What a busy month July has been! After celebrating Independence Day, Matt, Abby and I traveled to Lake Tahoe to see our good friends, Molly and Grant Meyer, and their daughter, Charlotte. It was a short trip (only three days), but we had... read more

Just keep swimming…

PDF&Print              Well, you don’t have to tell Abby twice! Abby has been enjoying swim lessons a lot these days. She’s been lucky enough to attend lessons with both Mommy and Daddy.   Here is a video of Abby “jumping” into the pool: Here is... read more

“Uh-oh”, a fork, and some teeth!

PDF&PrintAbby has been a busy girl! Recently her development has been mainly focused around the mouth. Specifically: teeth, eating, and talking! Abby now has 12 teeth! They have only bothered her on occasion requiring Camilla (medicine) and extra snuggles. At night we pull out the big guns (Tylenol) to help... read more

May Days

PDF&Print              May has been a busy month for the Millers! I celebrated my second mother’s day with a trip to Portland to see my mom (AKA: Abby’s Nana). Matt also cooked me a wonderful meal and took me out for FroYo! It doesn’t get... read more