I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now, but it always seems there is some other topic or event for me to blog about. However, it is high time for a post that focuses on my furry babies, Selby and Sissy.

Sissy was my first “baby”. I got her in 2007, and she has been by my side through grad school, moves, new jobs, and of course the addition of Selby, Matt, and Abby. I often feel that she is looking at me thinking, “Remember when it was just us?” But she tolerates everybody else in the house pretty well.


Sissy and Selby wanted to snuggle with Abby even before she was born


Ready for their naps!

Selby came to me in 2010, right before I met Matt. She is a ball of energy who thinks she is a lap dog and relishes an opportunity to snuggle. I worried about how she might handle Abby but she has been great with her; aside from the occasional burst of energy that can knock Abby over if she doesn’t move out of the way fast enough.

Abby adores both Selby and Sissy. She calls Selby “woof woof” and Sissy “mau” or “iss”. She wakes up in the morning and runs to my room calling for “woof woof” to wake her up so they can play. She pets Sissy while she nurses and only occasionally grabs her tail. Nine times out of ten, Abby is nothing but gentle and on that tenth time, she is all toddler. Poor Sissy just puts up with it, like the good girl that she is. Abby also enjoys helping me take care of the pets. She likes to wipe Selby’s paws when she comes in and brings Selby’s food outside to her bowl. Of course, I am still doing 90% of the work, but I truly appreciate all of Abby’s help 😉

Photo collage. petsI think all in all, Abby is a truly lucky girl to have known these wonderful pets since day one. She will have so many memories of her furry friends in the years to come.

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