Last week, we took our first family vacation to Bend, OR. Well it wasn’t quite a vacation, as Matt had to work, but Abby and I tagged along with him so we wouldn’t have to go a whole week without seeing him.

We loaded up the car, dropped off the dog and cat, and hit the road! Abby did great. We only had to stop once to feed her, and by then I needed a potty break anyway 🙂 It is amazing how much stuff one little baby needs. By the time we loaded up the stroller, pack’n’play, breast pump, travel bath, travel Boppy, and suitcase for Abby, there was hardly any room left for the suitcases Matt and I had!

We stayed in a nice hotel downtown, and while Matt was at work Abby and I took walks in the park and around downtown. We also had coffee and breakfast out. I occasionally ordered room service for breakfast which was quite a luxury for a new mom!

Since Matt grew up in Bend, we had lots of friends and family to see, as they were excited to meet Abby for the first time. It was so much fun catching up with everyone and showing off our beautiful baby girl.

I have to end this blog with a pic of Abby all tuckered out from her first roadtrip/vacation. Even when she is exhausted, she is cute!

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  1. Jessica Sayers says:

    It was great seeing you guys! So glad to get snuggle time in with Abby! I love it 🙂 See you soon! xoxo

  2. Lori Anderson says:

    Abby did not care to be held by that little girl! The look on her face says it all!

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