The Big Latch On

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding week. In honor of that, I chose to participate in a worldwide breastfeeding event called the Big Latch On. It took place around the world on August 2nd and 3rd with the goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for having the most women nursing at the same time. It was exciting because this event took place all around the world including places in Europe, South America, and Africa. Abby and I participated in Vancouver, WA with 25 other mothers. We had to have our babies nurse consecutively for one minute for the record to count. Unfortunately as it turns out, there was some misinterpretation with the rules and our record won’t count for the Guinness World Record. However, the final count posted was over 14,000 mamas nursing their babies at the same time.

I’m a huge advocate of breastfeeding. I think it is the best way for Abby to gain nourishment for the first year of her life and am glad that I have had no supply issues that had lead me to need to use formula. Not everyone is that lucky. I also noticed recently that a few friends have posted about issues they have had nursing in public. This makes me so sad, because there is nothing vulgar about nursing a child. It is a way to provide nourishment for our little ones and I have yet to meet a mom who didn’t want to nurse as discreetly as possible. Luckily, no one has made a negative comment towards me while nursing. That may be because I am usually with Matt, and who is going to say anything negative with him around!

I hope events like this encourage the public to recognize how wonderful breastfeeding is for babies and encourage mothers not to be too scared or uncomfortable to nurse in public.


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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    I DOUBLE DOG DARE anyone to say anything in front of Matt!

  2. Ashley Miller says:

    I know right!? 🙂

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