The goings on of a 22 month old

What is my almost two year old up to? Prepping for preschool apparently!

Abby now knows the colors blue and orange and is working on red and purple. She is also starting to count to two. This is very important since she has a birthday coming up where I’m sure everyone will be asking her how old she is (in case you don’t remember, the answer is TWO!). She continues to love to climb and thinks she is one of the big kids whenever we are at the park or play structure.


Abby loves to use the phrases “I helpful” and “I got it”. She says “I helpful” when trying to take the vacuum, broom, or mop out of my hands, to do the cleaning herself. I sure hope she loves to clean this much when she is a teenager! Abby uses the phrase “I got it” all the time. Usually when carrying about 18 different toys around. She loves to take at least three dolls with her in the car on the way to daycare. Keep in mind, the car ride to daycare is about one minute long. But for that minute she NEEDS those toys!

my coffee drinker

                           Abby “helping” me drink my coffee 😉

About two months ago, Abby started confidently saying “no”, even when she meant yes. Now she is nodding her head and even saying “yes” from time to time! She still loves to say “no” though 🙂

With prompting Abby also says “love you” which sounds like “uv oo”. The grandparents are always excited when they hear that phrase.

Here is a video of Abby saying “Love you”:

Abby loves to sing, dance, and giggle. She recently mastered what I call the “evil giggle” which she does when she is plotting something naughty (like trying to jump off the couch!).

Here is a video of Abby’s “evil giggle”:

Just two more months until my little girl is two years old. Wow the time sure is flying by!



4 Comments to “The goings on of a 22 month old”

  1. Lori Anderson says:

    I love the evil giggle, and the Minnie outfit too!

  2. Ashley says:

    She loves her Minnie outfit! Thanks Aunt Lori and Uncle Tim!

  3. Auntie Sue says:

    I think that evil giggle sounds just like her Grammie Shirley…

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