The Graduate


Earlier this month, Matt graduated from Pacific University with his Masters Degree in Health Administration. He began the program in September 2011 and was excited because it was a program geared towards “the working student”. This meant, that they took into account the fact that their students would still be working full-time while in school. At least we thought that was what it meant. In reality, Matt had the same workload as a full time student, but had the responsibility of a full-time job as well. Classes were twice a month on Friday evening and Saturday all day. Matt only missed four classes the entire two years of his program. Two were for our wedding rehearsal and ceremony, one was when he had the flu, and one was a half day after Abby was born. He hated being in school and missing out on family time, especially after Abby arrived, but he never faltered in his dedication to getting his graduate degree. He stayed up late and woke up early to work on papers, exams, and his thesis. Trust me…he did his fair share of complaining but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t giving it his all in the meantime 🙂


I’ve only known Matt for three years, so I wasn’t a witness to the struggles of his past; but according to him and his family, education didn’t always come so easily. As he tells it, Matt barely graduated high school and didn’t even think about college until after his time in the Marine Corps. He even had a teacher or two tell him that he wouldn’t amount to anything productive in life. Clearly, he has proven them wrong.


In the time that Matt was in his graduate program we got married, bought a house and moved, both of us changed jobs, and we had our wonderful daughter. These past two years have been busy! Since he has graduated, we have had time to “stop and smell the roses” or pick berries or go on a hike. Our weekends are now open to relaxing family time and we are really enjoying it.


I can’t believe what Matt has achieved! Abby and I are so proud of him for it. How many little girls can say that both of their parents have Masters Degrees?!



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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    I am so proud of you and Matt for all of your hard work and accomplishments! Our little Abby Rose is one lucky girl!

  2. Shirley Miller says:

    Matt and Ash,
    The lump of emotion in my throat…the tears you brought to my eyes and the love we have in our hearts. We could not be more proud of our son (and D-I-L). Thank you for a beautiful post.

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