“Toys are so much fun now that I can sit up!”


That’s right, Abby has finally mastered sitting! Previously, Abby would sit for a moment or two and then throw all caution to the wind and fall flat on her back hoping I would catch her. Now she can sit for 10-15 minutes and play with her toys and when she gets tired or bored, she lays down on her tummy like she is suppose to do. No more head injuries!

IMG_1010In other news, Abby has some chompers! Her two bottom teeth have come in and Abby loves to show them off. Abby got a fever the night before the first tooth popped through and really seemed to be in pain with it. She just wanted snuggles from Mama and Dada; but the second tooth didn’t seem to bother her at all! I didn’t even notice until I looked in her mouth.

Abby also got her first cold, which was no fun for anyone in the Miller household. Abby just wanted to be held and sleep with us. She had a fever and needed snot sucked out of her nose on a regular basis. In case you were wondering, babies don’t like that! She recovered within a week though and was back to her happy go-lucky self. I couldn’t believe she had avoided getting sick for seven whole months! We’ve been lucky, I guess.


Bath time has become a real adventure as Abby likes to sit in the tub on her own now. She use to have a sling to lay in but now that she can sit up her own, she wants nothing to do with it. Her Grandma and Grandpa Miller got her lots of fun bath toys, so now while it takes 1-2 minutes to actually get Abby clean, she spends 15-20 minutes in the bath playing. That is Mommy’s time to read a magazine 😉

IMG_0974Abby continues to grow and change with each month. How is it that she is already 8 months old? Sometimes I get sad thinking about how fast time is flying, but I know that each new stage of development brings its own joys and I look forward to what new skill Abby will show us next month.

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  1. Shirley Miller says:

    Wow, what a cutie….will see her and get Grammie snuggles in just a few weeks!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Time does fly by! Your blog is a wonderful way to capture and share all these wonderful memories.

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