My family and I are all about traditions. They mean so much to us and are part of our way of life. My mom has made sure our traditions stay alive in the present by researching our ancestors and making sure our history isn’t forgotten. I enjoy history, particularly my own, and knew that I wanted to pass on to my child the important details and memories of my ancestors and me. Some of these traditions include a rocking chair, a poem, and a coin. Let me explain:

The rocking chair: My grandma purchased this chair for my mom when she was pregnant with me. I LOVED being rocked in it. My mom gave it to me so that I could rock my baby in it too. It needed a new cushion but it is a solid piece that will last through many nights of baby rocking. I like that it makes me think of my grandma too. We lost her 9 years ago and I still miss her almost everyday. I know she would be so excited for me during this time in my life. I feel her watching over me and this baby.

The poem: My mom use to read me the poem “The Sandman” every night. As a result, I can recite it to this day without even thinking about it. For those of you who don’t know the poem, it goes like this:

The Sandman had the swiftest wings
And shoes that are made of gold.
He calls on you when the first star sing,
When the night is not very old.
He carries a tiny silver spoon
And a bucket made of night,
He fills your eyes with bits of moon
And stardust that’s shiny and bright.
He takes you on ship that sails
Through the land of dreams and joys,
And tells you many wondrous tales
Of dragons and magical toys.
So come now and rest your sleepy head
And close your eyes very tight,
For should you stay awake instead
The Sandman won’t pass by tonight.

I loved this poem and keep the copy my mom used in my hope chest. My mom’s version was typed up and framed but looked very aged so I re-vamped it for my baby. I re-typed it, added an embellishment and printed it out on some nice paper. Now it sits on the baby’s dresser waiting for me to recite it.

The coins, An Italian Tradition: Lastly, are the coins from my grandpa Frank. While he wasn’t my biological grandpa, he was the only grandpa I knew on my mom’s side and I loved him dearly. I have fond memories of him laughing with us grandchildren at Christmas and causing trouble for our parents when we would go to the mall for holiday pictures. He was Italian and use to call me “Bellissima” which means beauty. He told my mom, when she had me, that it was good luck to keep coins under an infant’s mattress. It worked for me and I have already placed a coin under baby’s crib mattress in the hopes that luck continues for the next generation.

On my husband’s side of the family, a special tradition for them was to make sure Matt and his sister were read to each night. This is a tradition that Matt and I are very excited to pass on to our child because reading is so important, and it is a special bonding time at the end of the day. We were so lucky to receive a variety of books at my baby shower. Baby Miller already has quite the library started! 

It’s traditions like these that make a family past stay strong and I hope that it means as much to my baby as it does to Matt and me.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    This is my favorite post so far!

  2. acmiller says:

    So glad you like it Mom!

  3. Lori says:

    Good post Ash and you are right, Grandma IS watching over you and your baby!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Great post, Ash! I love the stories about Grandma and Grandpa. My only issue is…. Grandpa called ME Bellissima!! Humph….

  5. Peter Nyikos says:

    Do you happen to know who wrote the poem? Have you seen it
    published anywhere?

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