Two months old!







Amazingly enough another month has flown by and Abby is now 8 weeks old! In the past month, Abby has started taking a bottle, begun smiling, taken her first vacation, and begun tracking objects. She is not only cute but a smarty pants too!

Abby smiling while playing with Grandpa

From day one, Abby would smile when she had to poop but in the past month she has started to smile when she sees our faces. Nana just happened to get this picture one day while Abby was playing with Grandpa. It was the first time they got to see her beautiful smile.

Daddy feeding Abby her nighttime bottle

We waited four weeks to give Abby a bottle to make sure she would be ready for it. She did really well and had no difficulty. Matt was so excited to be able to share in the experience of feeding her. He says that it is his favorite time of day.

Abby and one of her toys

In the morning after I feed Abby, I often show her toys with rattles and different textures. It was so exciting to show her the toy one day and have her watch it go from one side of the room to the other. I called my husband down to show him and then had to call the grandparents and tell them too. If I was that excited over tracking, how am I going to be when she starts walking???

So much has happened in just four weeks. I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for our amazing baby girl.

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