“Uh-oh”, a fork, and some teeth!


Abby has been a busy girl! Recently her development has been mainly focused around the mouth. Specifically: teeth, eating, and talking!

Abby now has 12 teeth! They have only bothered her on occasion requiring Camilla (medicine) and extra snuggles. At night we pull out the big guns (Tylenol) to help her sleep, as needed. She has worn an amber teething necklace since she was four months old, and while this necklace isn’t for everyone, I really feel like it has helped Abby to suffer less while teething. We’ve been brushing her teeth since she was almost one year old. She really enjoys brushing her teeth and would prefer not to have Mommy or Daddy help.


Abby’s vocabulary continues to grow! Her new favorite word is “uh-oh”. She will say it all morning while playing with her toys, which is pretty cute. She also loves to say “woof” and “meow” for her furry siblings, but has also started to say “moo”. The other day she said “ish” for fish and “uf” for off. She continues to sign “milk”, “more” and “all done”. We are working on “want” and “help”. Don’t worry, she isn’t totally verbal just yet 🙂 She still spends a fair amount of her time wandering around the house saying “mmm” and “uhuh” while pointing to an item of interest.

While Abby has always enjoyed playing outside, she is just now starting to enjoy the swings. Until recently she didn’t think they were very much fun and would cry after only a moment or two. Now that she is bigger and fits in the swings better she really enjoys them, smiling and giggling while I push her.


Mealtime continues to be entertaining for Mom and Dad. Abby has learned to blow on food that is hot after watching me do it for her. The funny thing is that she blows on everything whether it is hot or not. This includes my boob before nursing! Abby is great at eating with her fingers but has recently begun to enjoy using a fork as well. I wouldn’t say she is a pro at it just yet; but I love that she is so eager to try new things.

While Abby is not a certified walker yet, she continues to gain confidence on her feet. Abby has been taking steps here and there, and walking with us holding her hands. She loves to walk along the furniture and the walls as well. Crawling is still her preferred mode of transportation because she can move so gosh darn fast! Once she figures out walking and moves onto running, she’ll be a speed demon for sure!

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  1. Lori Anderson says:

    Look at that mouth full of teeth!

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