In October of 2012 my husband and I got to see our baby for the first time! Throughout the pregnancy, until now, we had only heard the baby’s heartbeat on a doppler; which in itself is a miracle; but seeing the baby was a whole new level of amazing. In the photo above Baby Miller either sucking it’s thumb or shushing us because it is nap time 🙂

As we are waiting to find out if Baby Miller is a boy or a girl until he/she is born, we had to alert the techs so that they could let us know when to look away. It was an hour long appointment and I don’t think my husband or I wanted to it to end! We got to see the baby kicking and twisting and punching the air. The most exciting event was seeing the baby figure out how to suck its thumb! We are pretty sure our baby is a genius already.

The best news was that the techs were able to determine that all was healthy with our little miracle. They reported a healthy heart, spine, brain, and that all was developing on track. YAY!

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    I think she/he might have my genius genes!

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