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Now that Abby is one year old, Matt and I have been waiting for the big W (as in walking) as Abby’s next great milestone. As a result, I almost missed out on all the other great things she is doing right now.

what a toddler can do013

Let me start by saying, wow, can my girl communicate! Abby now signs “milk”, “more”, “all done”, “up”, and “eat”. She meows like a kitty and barks like a dog, and she just started saying “up” when she wants to be in my arms. Her speech pathologist mama is more than proud!

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what a toddler can do005

Even though Abby is signing well, she is still a toddler and throws lovely temper tantrums when her needs aren’t met immediately! This photo is because I took away soggy puffs (thanks to spilled water) and didn’t replace them fast enough. A mistake I surely won’t make again!

Abby continues to love reading and is starting to enjoy playing outside in the grass. We’ve had a few sunny days this past month in which we’ve been able to sit in the grass and watch Selby run around. At first Abby was quite tentative but now she is warming up to how it feels on her toes! I’m sure by summer she will be running in our backyard in her bare feet.

what a toddler can do003    what a toddler can do004

FYI, Abby is not quite ready to walk yet but she is getting there. She loves walking with her push cart and when her pushcart isn’t available, she takes time to rearrange the furniture, such as the kitchen chairs!

what a toddler can do012

Because Abby is moving around so much on her feet, we’ve had to banish pants in the Miller house (for Abby at least!). She has her Mama’s short legs and the pants drag and trip her up. Instead she rocks the legwarmer/onesie look 🙂


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