What’s new in the world of Abby


Abby continues to grow and change daily before our eyes. I can’t help but think she is the smartest baby (toddler) in the world! Everyday she seems to understand and learn new things.

Here’s a list of some fun new skills Abby is mastering:  1) Dressing. Abby is trying to put on her socks, shoes, headbands and hats. She can’t do it yet but it doesn’t stop her from trying!  2) Reading. She continues to love books! We read stories in the morning, stories at daycare, stories in the bath, and stories before bed. She is going to be a bookworm for sure!

3) Climbing. Abby likes to climb on everything! Whether it is safe or not!  4) Outside. Abby is obsessed with playing outside. Rain or shine she is definitely an outdoor girl. She loves the grass and the bark dust, both of which apparently taste delicious.

5) Doors. Abby loves to open and shut doors. She thinks it is hilarious when she shuts me out of her room. I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with that until she was 16!

6) Signing. Abby is SO communicative. She independently signs “more”, “milk” and “all done” and has occasionally used those words to indicate what she wants. For “all done”, usually Abby signs the phrase in response to my question of if she is all done; recently however, she signed “more” to indicate that she in fact was not done and would very much appreciate more tater tots 🙂

7) Tantrums. Abby knows what she wants and when it doesn’t happen…look out! She arches her back and lays out on the floor and screams. Thank goodness her tantrums only last a second, and just as soon as she loses her temper, she is over it and on to the next adventure.

8) Growing up. Abby is now riding in her big girl car seat and she seems to really enjoy sitting in a more upright position. She still has a mirror behind her so that I can see her. She herself likes to look in that mirror and will often have intense philosophical conversations with the baby looking back at her.

9) Talking on the phone. Abby loves her play phone and our real phones. She is always talking to somebody. She actually called my mom the other day! I’m not sure how that happened because the phone was locked. I have no doubt an online purchase through Amazon is next. She also requested to talk to “dada” the other day which was pretty cool.

10) Fine Motor. Abby has enjoyed the kitchen Tupperware drawer for sometime but recently she has begun to delight in matching the lids to the containers. She also enjoys trying to twist caps on bottles. It is a great way to keep her busy while I cook dinner!

And just like that Abby is 14 months. Time continues to fly with our little one but we are loving every minute of it!   Abby has started hugging her stuffed animals. She smiles and squeezes them. It is so cute!

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