What’s up with Abby these days?


Abby and I have had an incredibly busy past few months, so I’ve fallen behind in my blog posts, but now that summer is here, I expect to be sharing many photos and stories about our summer adventures.

Abby is 26 months now and in full toddler mode! Some of her favorite words include: “no”, “mine”, “do self” and “want it”. Abby is a very talkative little girl and regularly uses 2-3 word phrases, including “go nana’s house”, “big truck” and “eat more pasta”. Abby tells me so much about her day, including what is real and what is imaginary. Sometimes she talks about giants and dragons (thank you Sophia the First), and sometimes she tells me about what she did or saw on the weekend, like Grandpa washing the car, or the recycling truck.

Being an only child, Abby’s current playmates are Selby and Sissy. Abby is convinced they are the best pets in the world and loves to give them all of her attention, even though they might have some other feelings about her adoration. Selby has recently taken to hiding under the bed when Abby tries to play with her and guess who follows her right under the bed as well?!

My super organized little one still loves to clean. For her birthday, her dad and I got her a cleaning set including a broom, mop, and duster. She uses them daily, but it is not enough for her to clean. She goes to the closet and gets Mommy’s broom and tells me to clean as well!

My little peanut is finally big enough to face forward in her car seat. She really loves looking out the window and seeing the same things I see. She also loves singing in the car.  Abby is currently obsessed with songs from Frozen and regularly sings “let it go”. Sigh…I’m so sick of that song 😉

In April, we took two year photos at Nana’s house. Abby enjoyed playing it up for the camera.

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